Topgolf Corporate Office

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Dallas, United States
Corporate office

Topgolf Corporate Office Reviews | Rating 3.3 out of 5 stars (5 reviews)

Topgolf Corporate Office is located in Dallas, United States on 8750 N Central Expy #1200. Topgolf Corporate Office is rated 3.3 out of 5 in the category corporate office in United States.


8750 N Central Expy #1200


+1 8668674653


Wheelchair-accessible entrance

Open hours

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Dionne Fields

My 13 year old son wants to say thank you to every person who created topgolf swing suite. He loves using the football Simulator, to help him be a better athlete player. Topgolf swing suite has over a dozen virtual sports game for anyone who enjoys sports.


Cody Bennett

I have never been treated so rudely while on vacation in my entire life. We were lied to by stating \we had too much to drink\ (after one beer as we waiting for our booth to open). After we demanded the truth from the manager, he stated we were being kicked out because an African American bartender was offended because one of our wives complimented her on her hair... \u200d️ Unbelievable what this world is coming to. I have contacted Top Golf Managers and the Corporate office several times with NO response.


Peter Davies

We went to the top golf in Gilbert AZ We show up with 6 people in our party. Order our drinks and food and the new waitress comes over and spills all the drinks all over which in turn went all over my 16 year old son. So now my son is wet and sticky and ask the waitress if they sell shirts she said yes but let me get my manager and see what he can do. L J the manager comes over and says they sell shirts but he can’t give us one he will take some our game play off. They doesn’t help my son and his sticky shirt We come here at least once a month But never again. I guess 5 t shirts are worth more that keep a customer


Brian Unkle

Visited Top Golf National Harbor on Fri evening, 11/29/19 as a group of 4. Had a great time up until we had 15 minutes left on our bay and chose not to extend our time. Waitress stated we had to pay immediately. I politely asked if we could pay once our game time of 15 minutes had expired. She stated it was policy that it be done now because the bay had to be cleaned for the next group. This is bad business because I'm forfeiting some of my paid remaining time at a premium rate of 50 dollars per hour to stop and split up the bill with other members in my group. We felt very rushed to exit our bay and this put a negative damper on a fun evening up until that point. We also had to relocate to a common area to finish our two remaining beverages when there were plenty of bays available near us and it was not busy on this particular Friday evening. I apologized to the young lady that my disagreement was not with her and it was with this corporate policy, not facility policy as explained to me by her but corporate. I then spoke to a manager, Aaron, who also stated this was corporate policy. When I asked why we had to exit our bay to finish our beverages when it was not busy at all and multiple bays available near us he admitted that was his fault. He stated usually Friday evenings after 6:00 p.m. are a prime time and he failed to realize it was not busy this particular evening and he instructed waitress to follow normal protocol to clean/prep the bay for next party. I am a 4 handicap golfer who did enjoy my time here up until being rushed out of our bay and forfeiting time to pay a nearly 300 dollar bill on the spot that couldn't wait 15 minutes. I sincerely hope this complaint is looked at/discussed and a better business model is tested for improvement.


Merrie Quann

I went to the Chesterfield, Missouri location for the first time on 12/12/19 and had a wonderful time. However, when I went to check out and use my birthday gift card, the staff member informed me that my 50 gift card had only 3.91 on it. I could not understand how this was possible as this gift card has never left my possession. Nevertheless, I paid the bill with my personal credit card and left. When I returned home, I spent the entire afternoon sending out countless emails and making endless telephone calls to try to resolve this matter. I did not receive any response until today, 12/17/19 via email which said the \matter has been solved\. It certainly has not been solved. I telephoned the manager of the Chesterfield location who stated that I needed to have the actual gift receipt or there would be nothing that could be done.I got back on the phone and left several messages at the corporate office and again, have heard nothing back.This doesn't seem to be a very wise way to handle business. This was not an error on my part, and my son paid 50 for a gift card for a birthday gift for me, and was only given a credit of 3.91. This doesn't seem very fair. I do hope that someone in the corporate office will try to ensure that issues like this do not occur in the future.