Rosewood Hotels & Resorts - US Corporate Office

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West Hollywood, United States
Corporate office

Rosewood Hotels & Resorts - US Corporate Office Reviews | Rating 4 out of 5 stars (3 reviews)

Rosewood Hotels & Resorts - US Corporate Office is located in West Hollywood, United States on 9220 Sunset Blvd #200. Rosewood Hotels & Resorts - US Corporate Office is rated 4 out of 5 in the category corporate office in United States.


9220 Sunset Blvd #200


+1 3102285000


Wheelchair-accessible entrance

Open hours

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Ashley Tewes

Stayed at the rosewood in Bermuda was a lot of fun- we came with Revolve and everything was taken care of and decorated to perfection. Only thing i noticed is other guests not with revolve were not informed there would be a corporate event. Loud music and lots of younger people but regardless of that the rosewood experience was awesome!! I will attach some pictures


Andrew Parrotte

I had never been there before but came for a film screening. After pulling in and behind another car waiting, I was shouted at to pull forward into the other lane. I was too close to the car in front of me, car behind was too close and the gate was next behind. I decided to wait than accidentally hit the expensive cars next to me. Another parking attendant walked by and yelled loudly to pull forward as well. I told him I will wait until the car in front of me moved as I didn't feel comfortable backing up around the other cars. At that point he got frustrated with me and was rube both in how he talked to me and his gestures. When I tried to explain why I couldn't pull forward, he just became defensive and argued with me more. I finally pulled forward to where I could get out. I asked for the manager, and supposedly the person who argued with me and put me down was the manager. I asked for the building manager. He said he was. The person leading cars in and out. He did give me the name and number of an equal manager but not without arguing with me the entire time. This is the parking entrance. Your first impression when you arrive (and leave). I had never been there. And regardless for how fancy the place might be, I never want to go back. To see a screening, to have a drink at their bar, to stay at there club or hotel. Nothing. I was having a great day until I tried to park here. And now any event that might be here is just going to remind me of that as I pull into the garage. It was disappointing.


pedro cruz

Bonito lugar