Kiseki Authentic Japanese Restaurant

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Japanese restaurant

Kiseki Authentic Japanese Restaurant Reviews | Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars (8 reviews)

Kiseki Authentic Japanese Restaurant is rated 4.3 out of 5 in the category japanese restaurant. Read and write reviews about Kiseki Authentic Japanese Restaurant.





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Miss Kym

Great service, very fresh food. Wonderful value for the lunch buffet. Appreciate their mission of employing single mums.


Sean Miller

I was certainly apprehensive about trying Japanese food in Kigali, but I was pleasantly quite surprised! The food was pretty good all in all - the tempura and the vegetarian sushi emerged as the clear-cut most delicious items to me. Some of the options in the lunch buffet were less good, but I simply had less of them and more of the good and was full and content by the end of lunch! It was a very unique experience to try Japanese cuisine mixed with local staples including bean dishes and vegetable concontions which were all pretty good. It is certainly not the most amazing Japanese food I've ever had, but considering it's a Japanese restaurant in the heart of East/Central Africa, it completely exceeded any expectations I had had for it.


Robb Pierce

Very happy to find this place! My meal was exactly what I was expecting and mouth watering. I was a little discouraged at the 2 different packing charges, one for a container, another for an “envelope” which I assume is the paper bag because I took my meal for take away. But the food more than made up for those small fees. The place also is very inviting and relaxing. I wish I could have dined in to eat. Update: I have since visited 2 more times over a 2 month period and have had a great experience. The food is always spot on. Customer service is very friendly. I’ve brought my baby with me and they brought out a basket and mosquito net for him to sleep in while I enjoy the meal. I also saw the owner bring out baby wipes and other things to another table that had a small child. Very family friendly.


Andrew. I Kazibwe

Great customer care it serves. Natural unique taste of food and quiet environment.



Really good lunch buffet. Very cheap price and tasty fusion Rwandan - Japanese food. Highly recommend it


Juan Fernandez

No longer opened. I went last weekend and it does not longer exist, also tried on the phone with no success.


Tom MacGregor

Buffett lunch 5,000frw for all you can eat. Everyday except Monday. Food is delicious. I highly recommend this place.


Stefania Meda

Excellent Japanese food in the heart of Africa. We tried the new menu and we were all impressed by the quality and the creative use of local products (fish, mushrooms, etc) fused with oriental tradition. Nice and quiet location. Highly recommended.