Buffalo Grill Meaux (Nanteuil Les Meaux)

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Buffalo Grill Meaux (Nanteuil Les Meaux) Reviews | Rating 3.3 out of 5 stars (8 reviews)

Buffalo Grill Meaux (Nanteuil Les Meaux) is rated 3.3 out of 5 in the category restaurant. Read and write reviews about Buffalo Grill Meaux (Nanteuil Les Meaux).



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linzi dee

Visited the soissons restaurant yesterday and the service was fantastic. Waitress was extremely helpful and food took an average time ( not too quick, your worried how they cooked it but not too slow your waiting forever) Food was cooked to our liking. Children were served first without asking, which suited us. Overall good value for money and would return.


Mike Cygnus

I don’t normally do food reviews but I have to write something for this one. Before I continue I would like to state that we come from an Indian background. I knew the name was Buffalo Grill so I didn’t expect to see a lot of colored people, but I did not expect to feel like I was in Texas in 1957 either. I went to Buffalo Grill in the city of Meaux France with my wife and 4 month old baby. As soon as we entered the restaurant we found a table and sat down. It was half full so there were guests but it seemed like an ordinary day. Everything felt good until the nightmare slowly began. We waited for the waitress to come to our table but nothing happened. She had already seen us but didn’t care. She served everyone else except us. Some time goes by, 10 min. nothing happens, 20 min. nothing happens, after 30 min. of waiting my wife kindly asks the waitress if we can order and she looks surprised and then take down our order. After a while we receive the food in horrible condition. The steak was not well cooked, there was blood coming out when you stuck your fork in it. The fries were cold and to finish it off, we didn’t receive any kind of sauce at all, not even mayo or ketchup. I tried to get her attention but she was ignoring me so I had to get up and look for her to get what we wanted. We were the only colored people in the restaurant and I’m normally very careful when judging other people but this experience felt really uncomfortable. The waitress did everything to show us that we were not welcome here. I’m giving Buffalo Grill in Meaux 1 star because of very bad service and very bad food as well. If you have a different skin colour than white then find another place to eat.


Jason Clews

Lovely ribs and steak service was a bit slow


Denise van Riet

Service and food were great! I cannot eat salt so I must always ask for special service and they came through with no problem. Staff also spoke passable English and understood us fine. I would definitely recommend this restaurant for a nice, tasty and reasonably priced meal!


Butter Bean

Terrible food, really expensive, slow service (really slow if you ask me) and in general an unpleasant experience (bad smell in general, and hot, untouchable water in the toilet's sink)


Jono Rowland

Great food excellent staff great prices


Phil Shotton

Busy on a Saturday night. Good food, Great service, if a little slow. But basically good


Mariusz Piliszko

Good food, but extremely professional and friendly staff. Those people are best example restaurant service.