Buffalo Grill Bourgoin Jallieu

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Restaurant· Barbecue restaurant· Hamburger restaurant

Buffalo Grill Bourgoin Jallieu Reviews | Rating 3.4 out of 5 stars (8 reviews)

Buffalo Grill Bourgoin Jallieu is rated 3.4 out of 5 in the category restaurant. Read and write reviews about Buffalo Grill Bourgoin Jallieu.



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Mark Tobis

This may be the consistently best creme broullet. A treat!


Bernhard Bernie Otupal

December 2019, new renovated, still good food, but the service got really bad. The starters came 10 minutes apart. We waited over 1 hour for the main dish, no dessert or cafe offered, so we left rather disappointed...


John Kelly

Very convenient


Dan Beames

I had the misfortune to recommend this restaurant chain to friends having eaten in another Buffalo Grill, this was a mistake. Service was very slow, cutlery and glasses were visibly dirty, the tapas starter was soggy and dry at the same time (which isn’t an easy thing to achieve), the steak was burnt on the outside and raw on the inside and the salad was a few leaves tucked under the steak.l which meant it was partially cooked, like the steak. One positive was the beer was cold but it took such a long time to reach the table that my mouth was so dry from the starter that it had little affect. If it was possible to give this restaurant zero stars I would. Awful.


Steve Vink

For a burger restaurant I'm sure it is very good. If you have a vegetarian in your group the choice is extremely limited... salad.


Dennis Flad

This was a very poor experience. Table, chairs... all sticky. Service extremely slow. Drinks came later then the over-fried (old oil) tapas! Food was ordered “saignant avec salate verte” came as “bleu” with two dodgy leafs of something that was a salad when it was harvested. And the meat was burnt!Bleu and burnt... how can you do that? Dear Buffalo Grill Team, your shop is full! It was packed. Congrats, but don’t think your clients are stupid and cannot judge good food. Never again.


Venicea Quilligan

Buffalo grill is my favourite restaurant


Joshi Germer

The Starter was good but the meat (beef filet) was really dry and tough.