Walmart Supercenter

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Aberdeen, United States
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Walmart Supercenter Reviews | Rating 3.8 out of 5 stars (5 reviews)

Walmart Supercenter is located in Aberdeen, United States on 250 Turner St. Walmart Supercenter is rated 3.8 out of 5 in the category department store in United States.


250 Turner St

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+1 9106951255

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Public toilet


Wheelchair-accessible car parkWheelchair-accessible entrance


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Evon Caviness

Nice & friendly front entrance employees! I had walked in forgetting my mask by mistake. Ladies were very nice and kind. I apologized and was going back to my car to get my mask but they insisted on giving me a new one. They seemed to understand that mistakes happen. All Walmart stores need employees as friendly and nice as they were to me. Walmart needs to pay these nice people well especially during this time and they are out on the front line working for us!! I'm sure they aren't receiving their worth!!


Shania W

Went to look at the fish and it was awful living conditions. I work at a pet store and Wal-Mart is basically selling sick fish due to their tanks not having been cleaned in god knows how long, they have no source of enrichment, calcium, privacy or sanitation. There is poop resting on the bottom of the tanks, algae on all sides of tank, water is murky and even algae on the snails which are all DEAD in the corner of the tank and look to have been for weeks due to the pure amount of algea on them that I thought were moss balls at first until I seen it was dead snails upside down. If you can't properly take care of them then dont sell them, they are only selling people sick fish that will eventually die due to poor living conditions leading up to bacteria.


Heather Gray

The mask policy is ignored. Most of the employees have them pulled down to their chin or not on. Also, they were talking in close groups. They don't even stop people at the door without one. Look I don't want to risk my safety, because people don't care about themselves or others. I got what I needed and got out!


Gary Tucek

Their shelves are well stocked as of this moment. I've seen it pretty empty more times than not. Best of all, they now have a good sized section of religious greeting cards. And several religious Christmas cards too. Last year, I could not find but maybe one or two religious Christmas cards there. I complained about it too. Perhaps others did so also and they listened. I am very pleased.


Marta R. Salvatella

Normal supermarket. As it’s big there is variety to choose.