Walmart Supercenter

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Alamo, United States
Department store· Craft store· Discount store· Electronics store· Sporting goods store· Supermarket· Toy store· Bakery· Clothing store· Furniture store· Grocery store· Hardware store· Home goods store

Walmart Supercenter Reviews | Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars (5 reviews)

Walmart Supercenter is located in Alamo, United States on 1421 E Frontage Rd. Walmart Supercenter is rated 4.4 out of 5 in the category department store in United States.


1421 E Frontage Rd

Price range



+1 9567820034

Service options

In-store pick-upIn-store shopping


Public toilet


Wheelchair-accessible car park


Repair services

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josea Martin

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Ernest Garcia

Because, I get most of all things needed in one place and at fair prices


Roy Jr.

I dont think Wal-Mart gets the sanitize process... The register was never cleaned between customers... Signs alone dont keep things clean you have to physically work at it..


Veronica Rodriguez

Sales associate in self check out was so courteous and kind. She definitely went out of her way to help us out. Thank you


Nydia L

Great Walmart! This is my usual shopping place; from buying groceries, household necessities, clothing and pharmacy needs. You can find almost everything you need here for your daily use. It is always well kept, clean and tidy. Good prices, also.