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San Diego, United States

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uBreakiFix Reviews | Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars (4 reviews)

uBreakiFix is located in San Diego, United States on 3619 Midway Dr E. uBreakiFix is rated 4.3 out of 5 in the category mobile phone repair shop in United States.


3619 Midway Dr E


+1 6195011431


Wheelchair-accessible entrance

Open hours




Called for a quote, the guy had no customer service skills at all. He was acting annoyed that I was asking basic questions. I don't know much about computers, he wasn't able to communicate well by simplifying things and he had a bad attitude. Finally gave me a quote and it was honestly lower than others, but won't be going with them because of their lack of customer service.



Samsung directed me to take my S10 to them to diagnose, so I did. My phone shorted out 2 weeks after the warranty expired and I was delighted when they told me I could apply for a 1 time warranty extension that would likely cover it from Samsung. That turned out to be a nightmare, but that's going to be on a Samsung review. When I went to pick up my phone, I was handed a phone with shattered glass. The person apologized and said that the machine Samung provided them to open to phone did that. I asked for written acknowledgmentg that they broke the phone and they refused. They said it was in Samsungs logs. Why wouldn't they have replaced the glass that they broke? Samsung was shocked and had no records of this so I had to wait on hold while they called Ubreakifix to confirm this. Ultimately, I took my phone back to them and told them to replace the glass they broke or I would do whatever it takes to hold them accountable. They agreed, when I picked up my phone 2 days later, not only was the glass fixed, but my phone was fixed, and prior to that, Samsung had refused to fix it. I suspect that they ate the price of that hoping I wouldn't write this review, but that was too late. They broke my glass and didn't fix it, refused to acknowledge it in writing, and lied about Samsung having a record of it so I had so sit on the phone for another hour working it out. Really poor business practice and they were doing so well to start. I'm attaching pics of the broken glass. UBreakiFix aka WeBreakNobodyFix unless you threaten to report them to the BBB.


Takeo Wendel

Tyson and Co. repaired my 2 month old Samsung with no fuss and no cost to me with the manufacturer warranty. Smooth and easy. I really appreciated them. They were busy too. Got it done in just a couple hours, saving me the inconvenience of being phoneless for days if I'd shipped it to the manufacturer. Good as new. Thanks!


Der Picknicker

Review is coming to see how long they are going to drag the repair....am sure you can pull my information off this receipt if you have any concerns..today 25Oct18 0856PM as promised review to follow once product received and job and is complete to be fair with the store.....here you have it...after pickinv up up my IPAD Pro 12.9 inch on 24Oct18 and told it was done...that's after 19 days in repair....took it home and restored it and was happy about the workmanship until this morning when I got to work and wanted to take notes with my Apple pencil and here is the shocker I guess they forgot that part...certain areas on the screen is dead and Apple pencil won't work and to confirm my issue took to Apple store just to make sure am not accusing the store and Apple confirmed indeed it is bad and wasn't done right...what a shame after 19 days and 399 here you have it please see pictures....this store is a joke and headquarter better take care of this....